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• beecrowbee was begun by will roundy in 2004 while living near beautiful wallowa lake in northeast oregon

• inspired by the natural beauty surrounding his hometown of joseph, will set out to create a full line of carefully handmade bath & body products that would lead to healthy & beautiful skin, while also nurturing the mind & spirit


• it takes over one month to handcraft a bar of beecrowbee soap

• building on the foundation of the 200 year old cold process soapmaking method, will knew that to make a bath & body line that was truly outstanding, that his beecrowbee products would need to be made by hand in small carefully supervised batches

• the finest bath & body products can only be created through close attention to detail & quality - which requires a commitment of time to the process and a dedication to using only the finest and purest ingredients available

• all beecrowbee bath & body products are made by hand in the workspace area of the beecrowbee showroom in joseph oregon • visitors to the showroom view hundreds of bars of soap in their month-long curing process, and also see other products in production

• this careful beecrowbee process yields a bar of soap suitable for even the most sensitive skin

• the reward for you is a luxurious lather that leaves your skin clean, smooth & invigorated, from a soap bar that is gentle, long-lasting & generously scented

all natural

• from the beginning, one of the most important aspects of the beecrowbee line was the emphasis on using only pure & natural ingredients found in nature

• through years of experimenting with new formulas and researching traditional methods, will has perfected the precise combinations that have led to the unique lines of beecrowbee

• will remembers seeing a photograph of a commercial soap factory where the technicians were wearing haz-mat suits --- and he recognized that if those materials were so toxic, he did not want to use such a caustic product, especially for daily personal care

• knowing so many others that felt the same way, will began the journey to create the beecrowbee line of 100% natural bath & body products that are truly a pleasure to use and healthful for your skin and being


• the strong emphasis on the highest quality all-natural ingredients combined with the careful attention to quality control processes have resulted in today's luxurious & long lasting bath & body products from beecrowbee

• with the beautiful, thoughtful and professionally designed packaging, beecrowbee becomes a tasteful gift or an indulgent reward for yourself • the beecrowbee philosophy and commitment to quality has been embraced by thousands of clients who understand the importance of natural personal care as part of overall wellness

• beecrowbee offers all natural elements, aromatherapy benefits and luxurious quality to everyone seeking a path to a healthier overall lifestyle

our first showroom

• our first showroom was this space at 11 south main in joseph oregon

• the beecrowbee creative space will move to a new location - less than one block away - in the spring of 2008

• the new location allows larger display space and day spa treatment rooms

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the beginning of beecrowbee

• will roundy - shown below with three new soap varieties he just created - began beecrowbee in 2004 at the age of 27

• for three years prior to making beecrowbee a career in april 2004, will based his business from home while selling his bath & body line at many retail stores, artisan fairs and through hosting bath & body home parties

special offerings

• with each season, beecrowbee offers special bath & body creations in addition to the lines carried all year

• each of these are made in limited quantities

• to receive announcements and updates on the new beecrowbee seasonal products ••• join our e-newsletter

all natural ingredients

beautiful, aromatic & effective, this amazing botanical offers not only a fresh floral scent, but is also therapeutic as it both calms and uplifts the spirit while soothing & balancing the skin

the scent has a calming effect which may aid in relaxation & the reduction of anxiety • therefore, lavender is often used to prepare for meditation because it balances mind and body, promoting a sense of stillness

this essential oil is antiseptic, cooling & mild - and is considered to be a universal oil as it combines well with so many other essential oils for a wide variety of uses

many aromatherapists say lavender is the first essential oil to try, and has been used extensively in herbalism

if applied to the temples, lavender oil is said to soothe headaches - lavender is frequently used as an aid to sleep and relaxation: seeds and flowers of the plant are added to pillows, and an infusion of three flowerheads added to a cup of boiling water are recommended as a soothing and relaxing bedtime drink

lavender geranium • from beecrowbee

geranium is an astringent oil excellent for all skin types

it is used in skin care and massage products for both its fragrance and its toning, cleansing properties

some of the aromatherapy benefits include soothing, mood-lifting & balancing

at beecrowbee, we have created a harmonious blend of geranium with another floral oil, lavender - and this combination has become one of our most popular scents

geranium has been traditionally used as a skin refresher & astringent

this uplifting oil has a great all-over balancing effect and this extends to the skin as well - where it helps to create balance between oily and dry skin

there is research showing rosemary leaf extract to be a powerful, natural anti-aging ingredient that works to safeguard skin from the damaging effects of pollution and the sun's ultraviolet rays

another study reported that rosemary leaves contain strong antioxidants capable of inhibiting free-radical damage on the skin's surface

because rosemary also has astringent properties, which both stimulate the skin and remove excess oil, aromatherapists often recommend it for skin care

rosemary peppermint from beecrowbee

peppermint's essential oil is a source of cooling menthol - which makes it a natural remedy for aches, pains and itches

the fda accepts peppermint as an effective topical treatment for pain and stiffness of joints and muscles • peppermint oil can cool an itch because it increases blood flow to the skin to temporarily reduce pain and discomfort

the invigorating aroma also helps awaken the senses • research has shown that peppermint successfully reduced daytime sleepiness

apricot kernal oil is particularly helpful for dehydrated, delicate, mature or sensitive skin

once pressed from apricot kernels and gently refined, apricot kernel oil is prized as a light yet emollient oil that is high in minerals, vitamin A, oleic & linoleic acids

it is similar in feel & properties to sweet almond oil and is readily absorbed into the skin

nourishing, rich and suitable for even the most sensitive skins, mature skin, and skin that is inflamed, irritated or dry

apricot kernel oil is an ideal massage oil for babies & adults - and is so mild it is often used in aromatherapy

as an emollient oil, it is great as a unifying base in face & body creams, lotions, balms, lip care, hair care & soaps

the oil is high in skin-nourishing linoleic and oleic fatty acids which are easily absorbed by the skin and do not leave the skin feeling oily

this oil helps restore a healthy radiance to the skin by removeing dryness, softening wrinkles and smoothing textures • enjoy all these benefits when you massage a few drops on your face at the end of your personal spa routine

apricot kernal oil &
sweet almond oil from beecrowbee

sweet almond oil is cold pressed from 100% pure almond nuts and then gently refined

this high quality nut oil is a great emollient for softening and conditioning the skin and hair

it is especially effective for eczema, psoriasis and itchy, dry and inflamed skin

it is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins a, b1, b2, b6 and e

sweet almond oil is light and penetrates easily, making it a great aromatherapy carrier oil, massage oil or after bath oil

because of the delicate molecular structure of this oil, it is always best to use an antioxidant when using sweet almond oil in lotions, massage oils or other products

there are hundreds of research papers outlining the therapeutic benefits of aloe vera juice

it contains more than 200 active nutrients and elements that support good health

aloe vera heals the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties, burn healing capabilities and ability to decrease the effects of scars and wounds

advantages of topical aloe vera use on the skin include:

  • removes dead skin cells
  • moisturizes and keeps the skin flexible
  • provides oxygen to skin cells, resulting in improved synthesis and skin tissue strength
  • reduces pigmentation intensity and lightens dark spots
  • helps to transport healthy elements through the skin with its efficient diffusion properties
  • speeds the healing and repair of skin that is damaged
  • fights a variety of infections, including staph and fungus, with its antibacterial properties
  • actually reduces pain with natural anti-inflammatory agents
  • adds emollients to up to seven layers of skin for a smooth, moist appearance and healthy glow
  • retards aging by adding moisture and increasing flexibility
  • minimizes potential scars and can even reverse scars that are less than five years old
  • balances and tightens skin with certain ph properties that act as a natural astringent

aloe is effective on a wide variety of skin concerns - begin receiving these benefits yourself with your choice of a beecrowbee lotion.

aloe juice &
grapeseed oil • from beecrowbee

the grapeseed oil in our lotion will hydrate & improve your skin health with its vitamin rich ingredients

the proanthrocyanidins and flavonoids in our grapeseed oil are rapidly absorbed through the skin and distributed throughout the body, helping to remove free radicals while encouraging the removal of toxins

there are even more qualities that led beecrowbee to choose grapeseed oil in our lotion:

• grapeseed oil holds emollient and film-forming qualities that unify all ingredients in our lotion
• grapeseed oil heals damaged and stressed tissues
• grapeseed oil helps regenerate and restructure damaged skin
• grapeseed oil controls the rate of skin moisturization better than other oils

grape seed oil is also rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid quite important for the skin and the cell membranes • grape seed oil is a great non-greasy oil and is enriched in beecrowee lotion by adding aloe juice

this is a fine textured oil with a very light, slightly sweet hint of a nutty aroma, with a satiny finish • it contains vitamins, minerals, protein, and a small amount of vitamin e

• shea butter has an abundance of healing properties and softening capability

• natural shea butter has been used traditionally as a balm for minor burns, dry cracked skin and even muscle aches

• as a key ingredient of beecrowbee's skin scrub and lotion bars, natural shea butter acts as a skin softening emollient due to its unique fatty acid profile and excellent natural moisturizing qualities

• shea butter benefits also include the protection of skin from environmental damage

• beecrowbee has selected a variety of shea butter noted for its ability to penetrate dry or distressed skin easily and deeply • all without leaving a trace of greasy feeling often found in common hand lotions or skin scrubs

shea butter • from beecrowbee

handmade soap from beecrowbee

the beecrowbee soapmaking process is a refined combination of art & science

through years of research & experimentation, the founder of beecrowbee - will roundy - has perfected the methods that create the luxurious and long-lasting soap bars enjoyed by beecrowbee customers

the soap made by beecrowbee is called 'cold process' soap • in this process, there is a certain proportion of lye (sodium hydroxide) and water added to fatty acids (oils) that forms a chemical reaction called 'saponifaction'

in saponification, the oils and lye mix as liquid and become solid soap • the liquid reaction and solid curing process takes approximately four weeks to fully complete

the cold process soap process produces: soap, glycerin and water • during curing, water slowly evaporates and leaves a hardened long-lasting bar of soap • in the beecrowbee process, the natural glylcerin is kept in the final soap bar - resulting in a healthful and luxurious lather • in common industrial soap-making factories, the glycerin is extracted to sell to cosmetic factories • after this removal, the industrialy produced bar is not a true soap, but a harsh chemical detergent and is often marketed on supermarket shelves

you will notice the difference instantly when you compare such a synthetically produced bar to a bar of handmade natural beecrowbee soap

what happens to the lye used in the process? • in correctly supervised saponification, it is efficiently and completely reacted with the oils present in the process, and there is no lye present in the final product - such as the safe, gentle and mild bars of beecrowbee natural soap

the careful process used at beecrowbee is the culmination of the art & science of soapmaking - resulting in the highest quallity natural soap bar available anywhere

beecrowbee soap uses a proportion of natural oils that lend their own qualities to each bar:
• olive oil contribute a very gentle and mild qualilty
• coconut oil contributes to a great lather
• palm oil contributes its moisturizing ability

the liquid soap is poured into forms and solidified for a week, then cut by hand into individual bars • after another three weeks of open-air curing (which makes the beecrowbee retail showroom smell fantastic!) the bars are trimmed, given a final quality inspection, and hand-wrapped to be ready for sale

at beecrowbee we only use the time-honored cold process of soapmaking - we do NOT 'rebatch' we do NOT 'melt and pour' and we do NOT 'hot process' • we only use the best ingredients, the most time-consuming, most expensive, and highest quality process - the beecrowbee process

all natural handmade luxurious olive oil soap from beecrowbee

through the year beecrowbee creates special edition soaps with themes centered on the season

••• join our e-newsletterto receive announcements of these limited releases


when you begin to experience the pleasures to be found in fine tea, you may decide never to choose bagged tea from the supermarket again • the tea that goes into traditional 'supermarket' tea bags has an industry name – it's called “fannings” or “dust.” • that dust is a byproduct of the sorting of high-end loose leaf tea like the tea we sell here at beecrowbee

dust might otherwise have been waste, but instead it became filler for traditional tea bags • why is "dust" chosen for common tea bags? - first, it doesn’t expand • high-end loose tea leaves expand when they brew, which means they require more room than a traditional teabag provides • the dust also has low brewing requirements – the temperature of the water or the time the tea spends in the water don’t matter as much because the dust is of such low quality

at beecrowbee, we’ve banished the traditional teabag • but we know sometimes you need convenience, so we’re providing some new and innovative ways to get the quality you deserve with the convenience you want

we offer
• heavy walled ceramic and cast iron pots to retain the heat needed for correct brewing
• circular pots that allow the brewing water to swirl continuously around the leaves
• stainless steel double mesh infusers allow the top quality tea leaves to expand as they brew
• we even offer a 1-cup stainless steel infuser as a substitue for a commercial tea bag (allowing you to also avoid the bleach found in commercial teabag paper)

the top quality tea you recieve from beecrowbee arrives in an airtight canister (reusable!) to keep your tea at the peak of freshness

treat yourself to the simple pleasures and rewards of your own tea ritual

tea • from beecrowbee

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