beecrowbee all natural handmade in oregon luxurious soap and bath and body care

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bath & body

beecrowbee natural health

all natural skin health has always centered on three basic steps:

beecrowbee has always provided these essentials for basic skin care -

we have added an element of luxury with our signature bath soak, specialized care with our lotion bars and even a delicious balm treatment especially for lips

for quality assurance all our liquid or cristalline products are presented in amber glass bottles • this protects beecrowbee products from breakdown by UV light • our glass bottles are also chemically non-reactive, allowing our products to always be at the peak of performance • plus - all our glass bottles are recyclable and refillable

when you use our natural soaps you'll notice your skin feeling softer & looking healthier • include natural beecrowbee as part of your overall healing lifestyle


all our bar soaps are made by hand in small batches, using completely natural ingredients - which include precice cominations of natural olive oil, purest essential oils & whole botanicals

the reward for you is a luxurious lather that leaves your skin clean, smooth & invigorated, from a soap bar that is gentle, long-lasting & generously scented

beecrowbee only uses:
unlike common commercial soaps, our soaps are:
choose any of our soaps to begin your journey to healthier skin

each 5 ounce handmade bar • 6.95

essEnce • the newest line from beecrowbee

for years people have been asking us for products that smell like the store.
we are proud to introduce a new blend that captures the essence of beecrowbee.
crafted with notes of lemon zest, lavender blossom, wild mint and garden herbs, essence will pamper your mind, body and soul.

bathe on

essEnce soap

all natural olive oil soap featuring the invigorating scent of the beecrowbee showroom


essEnce bath soak

traditional beecrowbee bath salts with the fresh scent of the new line


essEnce bath & body oil

soothing bath & body oil


essEnce lotion

creamy non-greasy formula for hand and body


essEnce scrub

the same gentle but effective exfoliation available in our new scent line


essEnce room & linen spray

refresh the room air or a drawer of linens using our hand-pump spray atomizer • long-lasting and all-natural
6 oz in a brushed aluminum canister

beecrowbee classic soap line

these three soaps were the first products created by beecrowbee - and remain as one of our most popular lines

rosemary peppermint soap

sparkling peppermint with the freshness of rosemary combine in one of our most invigorating bars


lemongrass soap

a balanced infusion of asian lemongrass is dedicated to restoring vitality to your day


lavender geranium soap

smooth & fresh - this rejuvenating combination was the first creation from beecrowbee


classic soaps • three bar gift set

one bar each:

  • rosemary peppermint
  • lavender geranium
  • lemongrass

packaged in our
elegant translucent gift enclosure

beecrowbee tea line soap

• new from beecrowbee •

gentle texture is provided with the addition of fine quality organic teas in these three new soaps

lemon chamomille tea
olive oil soap

the crystal high note of essential lemon oil is the perfect counterpoint to chamomille in this soothing bar


rooibos mint tea
olive oil soap

smooth essential mint pairs with african rooibos for this calming bathtime bar


chai green tea
olive oil soap

the exotic earthy tones of chai are suffused with the simplicity of Japanese green tea to create the ideal bar for a relaxing shower or bath


tea line • three bar gift set

one bar each:

  • lemon chamomille tea soap
  • rooibos mint tea soap
  • chai green tea soap

packaged in our
elegant translucent gift enclosure


pure hair

experience pure hair with beecrowbee

for hair, we now offer 3 unique beecrowbee scent combinations in our Pure Hair line for luxurious and healthful hair care

all 3 are available in cleansing and conditioning formulations to leave your hair clean, silky and healthful


beecrowbee pure hair cleanse is a gentle foaming gel that is sulfate and paraben free. We combine 100% pure essential oils with nourishing vitamins, oat extract, rosehip and jojoba oil for naturally clean hair that is not stripped or weighed down.


beecrowbee pure hair conditioner is a gentle, light weight crème that is paraben and sulfate free. We combine 100% pure essential oils with nourishing vitamins, rosehip oil and wheat protein for silky, naturally smooth hair. Ingredients include black willow bark, roman chamomile and aloe juice.

both cleanse and condition are presented in flask-style unbreakable non-toxic plastic bottles with screw on snap-cap dispenser top

beecrowbee cleanses and conditions your hair with:

as with all beecrowbee products, there is no petroleum, colorants or filler ingredients in our hair care line

each 8 ounce cleanse • 9.95
each 8 ounce condition • 9.95

beecrowbee Pure Hair

pink grapefruit mandarin hair cleanse & condition

experience all the freshness of a citrus grove

cleanse • pink grapefruit mandarin 9.95
condition • pink grapefruit mandarin 9.95

wild peppermint and tea tree hair cleanse & condition

a generous zip of invigorating peppermint and all the healing of tea tree oil

cleanse • wild peppermint and tea tree 9.95
condition • wild peppermint and tea tree 9.95

french lavender blossom hair cleanse & condition

calming soothing relaxing

cleanse • french lavender blossom 9.95
condition • french lavender blossom 9.95

beecrowbee baby

because we think your baby deserves to be pampered, we are introducing our new line for babies, including

baby bath soak

soothing chamomile and relaxing lavender combine to create a gentle and moisturizing bath soak

ingredients include aloe powder, vitamin b-5, zinc oxide, lavender essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil

baby body wash

soothing chamomile and lavender combine to create a gentle baby wash free of harsh chemicals and parabens - use as a daily body wash and shampoo to paper your baby from head to toe

ingredients include organic aloe juice, organic lavender distillate, roman chamomile distillate, kosher vegetable glycerin, german chamomile essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, jojaba oil, rosehip seed oil, vitamin e oil

baby body crème

soothing chamomile and aloe combine to create a gentle yet richly moisturizing baby skin crème - this body crème is whipped so it is extra gentle when applied to your baby's skin

ingredients include organic aloe juice, organic coconut oil, kosher vegetable glycerin, grapeseed oil, roman chamomile essential oil, mannan

each 8 ounce baby bath soak • 9.95
each 8 ounce baby body wash • 10.95
each 8 ounce baby body crème • 13.95

beecrowbee baby

baby body wash

baby body wash • 10.95

baby bath soak

baby bath soak • 9.95

baby body crème

baby body crème • 13.95


beecrowbee lotion is recommended for all skin types including sensitive skin

our gentle lotion hydrates and plumps skin while infusing powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and other nurturing ingredients

you'll notice immediately positive changes in even the driest skin

our lotion will quickly restore elasticity and texture to skin, and reduce any surface inflamation

your skin will feel healthier and take on a renewed radiance after even one application

beecrowbee lotion soothes your skin with:

skin will be improved with this super-antioxidant moisturizeing lotion rich therapeutic aloe, & grapeseed oil

as with all beecrowbee products, there is no petroleum, colorants or filler ingredients in our lotion

each 8 ounce lotion • 13.95

beecrowbee lotion

choose one scent for your home, and another for use at work!

rosemary peppermint lotion



lemongrass lotion



lavender geranium lotion



lotion bars

our exclusive formula lotion bars are formed by hand in very small batches, for the ultimate in quality control • the secret of our lotion bar is the perfect balance of shea butter to nourish your skin, and natural beeswax to protect your skin - allowing your skin to heal itself naturally

each long lasting lotion bar can be used every day, because they leave no film or oily residue on your skin • and the trace of gentle scent from the essential oil lets you know that your beecrowbee lotion bar is healing your skin

beecrowbee lotion bars nurture your skin with:
choose a lotion bar and begin helping your hands to heal

each 2 ounce lotion bar in air-tight tin • 9.95

beecrowbee lotion bars

choose one scent for your home, and another for use at work!

rosemary peppermint shea butter lotion bar



lemongrass shea butter lotion bar



lavender geranium shea butter lotion bar



sea salt bath soak

one luxurious feature of our bath & body line is our carefully blended bath soak • this is much more than simple bath salt or common sea salt • we blend pure bath salt crystal with authentic Dead Sea salt - with concentrated healing minerals - for a cleansing bath soak that neutralizes but won't dry your skin • to this blend we add aromatherapy quality essential oils to provide your choice of a soothing or invigorating bath time experience

beecrowbee bath soak soothes your skin & spirit with:
select any beecrowbee bath soak to make bath time bliss

each 16 ounce bath soak • 15.95

beecrowbee bath soak

rosemary peppermint sea salt bath soak


lemongrass sea salt bath soak


lavender geranium sea salt bath soak


shea butter sugar scrub

indulge your senses & nourish your skin with all natural sugar scrub • gentle exfoliation is provided by fine sugar that slowly melts as you soothe, invigorate & smooth your skin • rich shea butter softens, moisturizes and nourishes - leaving your skin with a healthful radiance of its own• choose your favorite essential fragrance from our classic line or our exclusive tea line

beecrowbee sugar scrub restores skin to radiance with:
sample both the classic line & the tea line

each 9 ounce shea butter sugar scrub • 14.95

beecrowbee scrub

scrubs infused with classic essential oils

rosemary peppermint shea butter scrub


lemongrass shea butter scrub


lavender geranium shea butter scrub


scrubs infused with organic herbal teas

chai green tea shea butter scrub


lemon chamomille shea butter scrub


rooibos mint shea butter scrub


pure skin facial scrub

for skin that glows
gentle exfoliants buff away dull surface skin,
while light moisturizers replenish and hydrate

beecrowbee pure skin facial scrub is crafted with perfect proportions of:

each 4 ounce pure skin facial scrub • 18.95

beecrowbee pure skin facial scrub

natural and nourishing facial scrub

pure skin facial scrub


bath & body oil

our bath & body oil is one of our most versatile creations

we have developed an exclusive blend of apricot kernal oil and sweet almond oil which provides and extremely high quality base to which we add 100% natural essential oil combinations • this is the third moisturizing step of our three-step skin care line:
• cleanse
• exfoliate
• moisturize

3 excellent applications for our bath & body oil step onto the path to healthy & moisturized skin with beecrowbee

each 4 ounce beecrowbee bath & body oil • 9.95

beecrowbee bath & body oil

perfect for massage or moisturizing

rosemary peppermint bath & body oil


lemongrass bath & body oil


lavender geranium bath & body oil


organic virgin argan oil

argan is a rare oil pressed from the nut of a tree that grows in a nature preserve in northern africa

argan oil is packed with vitamin e, antioxidants and essential fatty acids
that help to rebuild the skin's natural protective barrier
against dryness and environmental factors

moroccan argan has tremendous oil balancing properties,
making it ideal for all skin types

here are a few of our favorite ways to use beecrowbee argan oil


it might seem scary to apply pure oil to your face,
especially if you have finicky skin,
but trust us on this one

the balancing properties of argan make it perfect for all skin types - especially troubled skin
massage 3-5 drops into clean wet skin
lightlly tap into area around eyes


argan oil works to calm and smooth hair, adding luster and shine

apply to damp hair for an all-over treatment - or apply to damaged ends of dry hair


argan is an amazing all-over body moisturizer

apply to wet or damp skin after showering for healthy skin that glows!


protect and plump lips with argan oil

massage 1-2 drops of oil into lips

hands & nails

soften hands and repair damaged nails and cuticles with beecrowbee argan oil

massage small amount of oil into hands and gently work into cuticles and nails

each 4 ounce beecrowbee argan oil • 27.95
each 2 ounce beecrowbee argan oil • 14.95

beecrowbee orgainic virgin argan oil

both sizes supplied in amber glass bottles with eye-dropper tops that help control the precise application of this rare & nourishing oil

perfect for protecting or moisturizing skin

organic virgin argan oil - 4 ounces


orgainic virgin argan oil - 2 ounces



natural lip balm

we all know that petroleum-based lip balms do not help chapped lips - since petroleum jelly - (also known as petrolatum), is not absorbed by the skin

petroleum-based products simply coat the skin - similar to wrapping the skin in plastic - inhibiting its ability to breathe, absorb moisture, and release toxins

petroleum based lip balms may seem to provide a quick fix for dry, chapped lips, by trapping the moisture on the surface of your lips • although your lips may feel less dry, you must continuously reapply the petroleum based lip products in order to keep your lips feeling moist • such products prevent the thin lip skin from breathing and may cause greater irritation or even infection when bacteria become trapped between the petroleum lip coating and the lip skin

the good news is that beecrowbee has re-invented lip balm!

beginning with the beecrowbee philosophy of only using all natural ingredients that lead to better health, our lip balm was designed to the same high standard as our other bath and body products • our customers have made this one of our most popular products

we carefully chose our 100% natural ingredients:

free from castor oil or lanolin that both so often irritate the skin

the fresh aroma of wild peppermint reminds you that your lips are being healed by all natural beecrowbee

each tube beecrowbee lip balm • 3.95

beecrowbee natural lip balm
beecrowbee healing balm for dry and chapped lips

wild peppermint lip balm

sealed and ready to use in a traditional twist tube