beecrowbee all natural handmade in oregon luxurious soap and bath and body care

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spa luxe

bathing brush

• clean
• exfoliate
• stimulate
• relax
with our natural bristle, wooden handle bath & body brushes

brushing removes expired skin cells and opens blocked pores
and improves blood circulation to the skin - creating the conditions for healthier more beautiful skin

using one of our cellulite brushes encourages the circulation of lymphatic fluids - drawing away toxic wastes that contribute to the formation of cellulite

try brushing from the feet upwards towards the waist - then from right to left in small circular motions to help move toxins through the lymph nodes

for a truly complete spa experience, immerse yourself in a beecrowbee bath salt soak to further draw toxins out through the skin

our wooden nail brush keeps cuticles & nails free from dirt - and are especially nice as a gift when packaged with a bar of our Seasonal Soap

long handle natural birch bathing brush

we are very excited to bring you this top qualty & versatile brush at such an exceptional price

all natural lacquered wood construction with boar bristle and rubber nubs that provide exfoliation and stimulation to your skin

extra long handle provides all these benefits to the hard-to-reach areas of the back

great design feature: long handle is removable to allow easy use with built in natural cotton hand loop

cotton loop in handle for hanging storage and drying

16 x 4½ inches


short handle natural birch bathing brush

10 x 3 inches


double brush

a natural wood brush with a wide row of boar bristle one one side - and a narrow row on the other

5 x 1½ inches


natural loofah

a section of natural sea loofah - a classic accessory for exfoliation and vigorous skin tone

5 x 3 inches


pumice stone

natural pumice stone

  • small enough for travel
  • long-lasting
  • natural cotton loop for hanging storage and drying


bath pillow

waterproof bath pillow with waffle cotton cover

inside the removable waffle cotton cover is the waterproof neckroll style pillow for extra comfort in the bath

includes a nylon drawstring carrying bag for travel



bath rug

bamboo & cotton bath rug

make your spa space even more comfortable with one of our new bath rugs

combining 60% cotton with 40% bamboo fiber results in this plush yet durable and naturally antibacterial bath rug

each rug is reversable: featuring a cozy chenille center with nubby loop border on one side - with the opposite pattern when flipped over

our • two-rugs-in-one •

  • measures 40 x 24 inches
  • machine washable
  • coordinates with our bamboo towels shown below

bath rug • rain


bath rug • white


bath rug • coffee


bath rug • sandstone


bath rug • ecru


bamboo towels

bamboo & cotton towels

one of the first things our customers notice about our 65% bamboo and 35% cotton towels is that they thicker and heavier than common all-cotton towels

in addition, these plusher and more absorbant towels don't stick to the skin

the extraordinary natural breathability of bamboo is also antibacterial, forever • by killing almost all bacteria, bamboo stays fresher and odor-free for longer, is more hygienic and healthier

for sensitive or allergy-prone skin, bamboo is perfect • in the manufacture of these towels, harsh chemical treatments are not used which can later irritate skin

bamboo fiber is smooth and round, so is naturally a non-irritant • it contains a naturally-occurring, antibacterial ('bamboo kun') that resists the spread of bacteria on the skin without any adverse affects, such as abrasion or irritation

bamboo is the one of the fastest growing plants in the world, mainly because it has extraordinary water absorbency which helps with rapid growth • in fabric form it retains this unique, remarkable property • it's 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton

bamboo is antibacterial, antifungal and anti-static • in fact, in the wild, bamboo thrives naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers • it is seldom eaten by pests or infected by pathogens • research indicates that bamboo owns a unique anti-bacteria and bacteriostasis bio-agent named "bamboo kun" • this substance bonds tightly with bamboo cellulose fibers during the normal process of bamboo fiber growth • this natural feature is retained in fabric form

we combine naturally soft and luxurious bamboo, with our finest long staple cotton to provide the most absorbent, breathable towel made.

these are high quality large, luxurious, soft, silky bamboo/cotton blend terry towels - some of the softest and silkiest luxury towels we have ever tested.

the blend is 35% bamboo and 65% pima cotton with decorative dobby borders for a luxurious finished look

  • bath towel • 28 x 56
  • hand towel • 16 x 28
  • bath cloth • 12 x 12

bamboo & cotton towels • rain

rain bath towel • 26.00
rain hand towel • 14.00
rain bath cloth • 7.00

bamboo & cotton towels • white

white bath towel • 26.00
white hand towel • 14.00
white bath cloth • 7.00

bamboo & cotton towels • aloe

aloe bath towel • 26.00
aloe hand towel • 14.00
aloe bath cloth • 7.00

bamboo & cotton towels • sandstone

sandstone bath towel • 26.00
sandstone hand towel • 14.00
sandstone bath cloth • 7.00

bamboo & cotton towels • ecru

ecru bath towel • 26.00
ecru hand towel • 14.00
ecru bath cloth • 7.00

bamboo & cotton towels • coffee

coffee bath towel • 26.00
coffee hand towel • 14.00
coffee bath cloth • 7.00

towel gift set • rain

includes bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth stacked and tied with coordinating ribbon


towel gift set • white

includes bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth stacked and tied with coordinating ribbon


towel gift set • aloe

includes bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth stacked and tied with coordinating ribbon


towel gift set • sandstone

includes bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth stacked and tied with coordinating ribbon


towel gift set • ecru

includes bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth stacked and tied with coordinating ribbon


towel gift set • coffee

includes bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth stacked and tied with coordinating ribbon


spa day theraputics for hands & feet

spa day theraputics

for gentle luxury - or the theraputic rescue of distressed skin of the hands & feet, we offer these soft-as-skin covers for your hands & feet

when your skin has been overworked or overexposed to the elements, there is a simple need to moisturize and nourish your skin so that it may begin to heal itself

consider indulging your hands and feet with an overnight spa treatment:
• begin with nourishing - using beecrowbee shea butter scrubs, apricot kernal lotions, or beeswax lotion bars
• continue with moisturizing - using beecrowbee bath & body oils
• finish with protection - use our silky hand and feet coverings to help concentrate your completed spa treatment, making it last - even overnight - because the theraputic covers protect your spa treatments from rubbing off

your hands and feet will awaken nourished, moisturized and ready to carry you through the day

  • 95% bamboo 5% Lycra
  • extremely soft with elastic fit
  • machine washable
  • naturally antibacterial

6.95 - theraputics for hands
6.95 - matching theraputics for feet - not shown